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Welcome to The Euphoric Life Journey and UnLocked Coaching!

My name is Angelina Borak. I’m a Certified Personal Coach (certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement) with over a decade of coaching experience. I’m a Disabled Army Veteran. I’ve been in leadership and executive roles in multiple industries. I’ve taught at the college level. I graduated magnum cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and Business Administration. I've been published in Medium, YourTango, and my latest book Unlocked: How To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self And Be Happy is available on Amazon.

The goal of the Euphoric Life Journey is to help you with these three areas:


Restore your Authentic Self by unlocking your Love Locks, toxic core beliefs that prevents you from being your Authentic Self and negatively impacts your reality and relationships. Unlocking your Love Locks is the first step.


Love Locks negatively impact your day-to-day life. By unlocking your Love Locks, you’re creating a better daily life. By creating a better reality now, you’ll impact your future in a positive way. Once we've discovered and unlocked your Love Locks, we'll work on creating the right reality for you.


Once you’ve unlocked your Love Locks, the relationships you have with your family, kids, partners, strangers, neighbors, and co-workers get easier and more loving. Part of creating the right reality for you is addressing your relationships and finding ways to make them more loving.


What is a Love Lock?

Why Love Locks make it so hard to feel successful in love and life?

Let’s talk about a thing I call the Love Lock Cycle which is a recurring cycle that happens in your life and I’m sure you don’t know why it keeps happening. The Love Lock Cycle looks a bit like this.

Step One: The Love Lock Cycle starts with a dream, goal, or desire to achieve something.

Step Two: There’s a lot of hope, excitement, and desire that explodes from you. You feel that you can conquer the world or at the very least achieve this goal.

Step Three: You develop a plan and start taking action steps to achieve your dream or goal. You’re still fueled by all the hope, excitement and desire to make this dream a reality.

Step Four: Somewhere in the middle of this goal attainment process a voices starts to whispers the Love Lock. Before you know it, your Love Lock becomes engaged.

Step Five: That Love Lock keeps whispering to you and eventually it wears you down. You start questioning your ability to achieve this goal and your momentum begins to slow down.

Step Six: Eventually, you put that dream or goal on hold or give up on it.

Step Seven: After a while your dream pulls you back in again or you have a new dream or goal that you’d like to achieve. The Love Lock Cycle starts up all over again.

The problem with this cycle is that it feeds the Love Lock. The more perceived failures that you accumulate the stronger your Love Lock gets.

The Love Lock Cycle gets very painful and you start to shy away from trying because every time you get a new dream it feels like having a bucket of ice water dumped on your head. You experience the excitement of “What if I could make this happen for myself” but you quickly remember all of your perceived past failures. If you go through the Love Lock Cycle enough, you stop trying to achieve goals and just accept that your life is as good as it’s going to get.

This Love Lock Cycle can go on for years, decades, or even an entire lifetime.

Let’s pause here for a second.

Can you look back and see the Love Lock Cycle in your own life?

Maybe it doesn’t happen every time you’ve tried to achieve something, but it’s happened a few times?

Maybe you’ve got iron will and have made yourself push through this painful cycle?

Now imagine how much easier it would be if you didn’t have to work so hard to achieve your dreams.

What if the cycle looked like this instead?

Here’s the thing…

You already know what your Love Lock is.

Yet, you’ve convinced yourself that it’s the truth.

You’ve accepted it.

And now it impacts how you live your life…


This type of coaching goes beyond self-love, mindset, motivation, goal setting, or time management.

This is deep coaching that helps you release years of junk that's stored in your mind and belief system so that you can be your Authentic Self again.

Once you're reconnected to your Authentic Self you can create a better reality and more loving relationships.


UnLocked Email Coaching is for you...

if you want to make a commitment to unlocking your Love Locks.

You want help unlocking your Love Locks and improve your reality and relationships. Your ready to set aside time every month to have me help you.

The UnLocked Email Coaching and the VIEW Coaching programs are a partnership. We assess where you need help and support. Then I work with you to set up a game plan that will allow you achieve results quickly.

if you hate scheduling appointments but still want coaching.

You want help overcoming your Love Locks but your schedule is already packed.

You want help when you need it not based on what the date on the calendar says.

You can't set aside time during business hours because your busy working but you still want coaching.

if you want access to all the extra resources such as the Client Resources and the Journey Guide.


What is email coaching?

Email coaching is a time effective way to be coached because there are no scheduled sessions or phone calls.

We coach through email.




How does it work?

We begin with your welcome package.

We email back and forth.

We talk about your Love Locks, where your at right now in life, and then develop and execute a plan to create the right reality and more loving relationships.

Is it right for you?

Do you want help as soon as issues or challenges pop up, not next week or next month?

Would you like the freedom to really explore issues?

Do you want to be free from a clock controlling your restoration, reality, or relationships?

Does phone or in-person coaching feel hard or stressful?

Would you like more time to think and explore?

Do you already have too many demands on your time already?

Do you like the idea of having a dedicated coach just an email away?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will love email coaching.

This is not a self-study course or group coaching.

This is one-to-one coaching through email. It's between you and me.

You get UNLIMITED emails.

Need to vent…Send an email.

Having a meltdown…Send an email.

Have a question…Send an email.

Need support…Send an email.

Euphoric Email Coaching gives you UNLIMITED email coaching with me for the month.

The rules are simple:

You send email whenever you want.

I take Saturdays, Sundays and holidays off.

I'll get back to you in 24 hours. Typically I get back to my clients in under three hours during business hours.


My clients that unlock their Love Locks see so many benefits.

Here are a few:

They feel strong and positive about themselves.

They're able to do more and achieve more in less time.

They take intelligent risks that payoff.

They finally feel restored and at ease with their Authentic Self.

They create the right reality for themselves.

They find more love and connection in their relationships.

They feel like a huge burden has been lifted from their lives.

They have more time to create opportunities in their lives while thinking clearly without the Love Lock causing chaos.

They're able to handle a lot more with less stress.

They feel like better mothers, friends, partners, and daughters.

They Sleep better at night without worrying so much about external factors.

They release years of anger and frustration about the wrongs in their past.


Bonus: You'll also get the Journey Guide.

The Euphoric Life Journey Guide

This is our command central and the one powerhouse tool that makes a euphoric life possible.

All you have to do is download it, print it, and add it to any binder you choose. Everything has been done for you!

Here's what's included:

Flame Vow

Daily Reminders

Custom Daily To Do List

Weekly Healthy Habits

Weekly Notes

Three Times Two Sheet

Appreciation Plan

The Monthly Schedule

12 Monthly Calendars

2019 Year Calendar

2 Inspiration Pages

Goal Checklist

Weekly menu planning

The Formula Cheat Sheet

Be Prepared Checklist

The Cracked Pot Story


Bonus: You'll also get access to the a huge list of tools that you can use to create your Euphoric Life.

Client Tools

  • Myers Briggs Test
  • Love Lock Assessment and Introduction
  • Personal Strengths Survey
  • Funk Fix
  • The Formula
  • Flame Vow
  • Re-frame Negative thoughts as a Bad Habit
  • The Wheel of Life
  • The Wheel of Personality
  • Key to creating a life purpose
  • Finding Values
  • Defining Your Life
  • Mean Girl
  • Archetypes
  • Basic Brainstorm and Mind Map
  • Day and Months
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Increase Self-Esteem – Very similar to the appreciation plan
  • Coloring Pages

Courses Included with Purchase

Client Resources
Exercises and activities designed to enhance Coaching
2 Course Bundle
The 2020 Euphoric Life Journey Guide
Printable Guide To Help You Create Your Euphoric Life
The Euphoric Life Journey
The 2019 Euphoric Life Journey Guide
Printable Guide To Help You Create Your Euphoric Life
The Euphoric Life Journey

Get started now!


There are so many amazing benefits to email coaching.

Here are my top ten:


There are no limitations such as time zones or scheduling conflicts. My clients have freedom to email me whenever it suits them. Clients never have to worry about adding another appointment on to their busy schedules, missing an appointment, paying for a missed appointment, or trying to get on my schedule.

Email coaching removes the obstacles of availability and access and makes it super easy to get the support you need.


On demand access

How often have you needed help and support and had to wait weeks for your appointment?

Crisis and yucky feelings do not wait for weekly or monthly coaching appointments. They sneak up on you at 3 a.m. You have to gut it out alone.

When the appointment finally came new, new problems popped up. So you never got to fully work through your issue.

Email coaching gives you support on demand, not weeks away. It also allows for complete and full exploration of every issue or topic that comes to the surface.


Not limited by a clock

An hour goes by fast…especially when you have to do all the polite pleasantries. Truthfully, in most hour sessions, twenty minutes is eaten up with the “hellos” and when can you schedule again.

Nobody does their best work when they are watching a clock. Questions aren’t well thought out or complete. Answers are rushed and also not fully thought out.

Email coaching gives both of us time to commit fully to each issue. We both are giving our best. Nothing is rushed!



You get the freedom to email when you want to… when you need to.

You get the freedom to write everything down and be heard.

I get the freedom to answer you when I am fully focused and at my best.

I get the freedom to read and fully understand what is going on.

Email coaching gives both of us freedom to really dig in deep at times that work for us.


A written record

How many times have you asked someone for help and they gave you a great answer but by the time you were in a position to take action, you couldn’t remember the full answer?

With email coaching there will always be a written record.


Honest and real

Email coaching allows you to fully express yourself.

For a lot of women, working face-to-face or over the phone can cause us to chameleon to the person we are working with. We tend to just agree with someone instead of digging deeper because we don’t want to be weird or a problem.

Email coaching allows us to be braver, more open, and more direct about situations.


A thinking pause

In a typical coaching call, there is a volley back and forth, a question is asked and an answer is received. Coaches know to pause, to give the client time to think and then answer the question. There is a huge problem in this process though… the clock. There is a finite amount of time to answer, the clock is ticking. As a result this process gets rushed…too rushed. The client and the coach both feel pressure to get as much in during the hour as possible.

Coaching through email allows for a true thinking pause.


Cathartic release

Otherwise known as venting. The reason that so many people recommend journaling is that it allows people to release everything that is stuck inside.

Email coaching helps sooth, support and nurture you when you need it most.


Reading between the lines

There are times that we can’t see the problem but other people can. Coaching helps correct problems, such as thought or behavior patterns.

Email coaching takes that a step further, there is a written record. We will be able to “see” the problem, it’s printed in black and white.



Coaching through email allows everyone to come together when it’s convenient for them. No one is forced to “work” just because the calendar or clock say so.

I know you have responsibilities that prevent you from scheduling appointments, kids, jobs, pets, or just life. I’m a single mom with a toddler and sometimes she just needs her mommy. Coaching through email gives both of us the freedom to work more and when conditions are optimal.





I have been working with Angelina over this past year during one of the most difficult times in my life. I know I would have not made the moves I did and got the help and information I needed without her guidance. I honestly think she saved my life in certain respects. Angelina also showed me how to trust my inner voice. I am in awe of her knowledge and I am one of her biggest fans.

LH, recent client

I’ve known Angelina for at least 6 years and I am always impressed with the guidance that comes through her. Not just the words but the energy that is transmitted throughout. I recommend Angelina Borak highly to all my friends.

Jane P., Bevelander, New York

For many years now, I have found Angelina Borak’s insight very helpful, especially when it comes to how the practical tools that are essential to success. In addition, her knowledge of divorce recovery and beyond is so down to earth that anyone can understand! I can highly recommend her and her courses.

Kay B., Bethesda, MD

Angelina Borak’s level of service is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and capabilities. Thank you!

N.W., Irvine, California

If I had to choose one word that described my coaching with Angelina, it would be gratitude. Whether life is smooth or rocky, the knowledge that I gain assists my spiritual and relative world journey. Angelina helps me rekindle my awareness and relight my desire to transform my life through my practical application of simple techniques. As I walk through the days of life after The Euphoric Life Journey with Angelina, I feel an overwhelming sense of confidence for whatever I encounter because I’ve been lovingly prepared and empowered. Thank you, dearest Angelina.

Linda M., Brandon, FL

For several years, I’d been leading a sad life after the passing of my only son. I was so alone.No one to share my life. I decided to take a chance and put work into finding a life partner. The hardest part for me was dealing with my fears, but I did it. The Euphoric Life Journey really helped. At first I didn’t think anything could work to produce romance. But it did. One day I had a flat tire on the highway. I was really scared as I pulled off to the side.I’d never changed a tire before, and guess what? A kind fellow pulled over and offered to help. Well, one thing led to another and I am now in a strong, committed relationship!

Terri, Astrologer

I used The Euphoric Life Journey to turn a leftover life into something that sparkled.I learned how to create the magic in my life, how to actually accept myself, how to make my surroundings part of the support, how to keeps my PEMS essences balanced, and how to troubleshoot when wonky things.This course does it all, more than you ever imagined there was available to learn and do.This course could is the bomb!

Chris, Food Truck Owner

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, it’s a one-click cancellation policy. If you don’t LOVE the Euphoric Life Journey, I insist that you cancel. Even though it’ll feel like you’re breaking up with me, it’s best for both of us.

How do I pay for email coaching?

You’ll be asked to register when you click that enroll button and then you can pay with your credit card.

How long will it take to get an email back from you?

It normally takes me less than 24 hours. I try to answer all email coaching by the end of the day. However, I do take the weekends off.

Why should I buy it? I’m already doing the FREE Euphoric Life Journey email group.

Because coaching creates more awareness, more transformation, and an even more euphoric life...FASTER. Coaching is completely customized to your particular Love Locks, goals, and needs.

Can I talk to you before I purchase coaching sessions?

Sure, send me an email at [email protected] and we'll take it from there.

I’m Angelina.

I’m a Hallmark loving Disabled Army Veteran who has been an executive in multiple industries, I’ve taught at the college level, and I’m a certified coach (certified in Relationships, Life, Professional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, and Bereavement) for the last 10 years.

I’ve supported hundreds of women create their euphoric life.

Get started now!